Matt Sheridan, DIRECTOR and Editor

Team Thirteen is the production company of director Matt Sheridan, currently in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2005, Team Thirteen filmed with Cody on his first trip to Alaska, which was a life-changing trip for a young pro big mountain skier. The company eventually moved on to produce television content and agency work, as well as documentaries such as 'Birdmen: The Original Dream Of Flight". Matt, an ever-passionate skier, came back to the ski world in 2013 by editing Elyse's Teton Gravity Research's Co-Lab ski segment, and Cody and Elyse's "It's Called Backcountry Skiing" edit in 2014.


Born in the deserts of New Mexico, schooled in the mountains for BC, Athan is a professionally trained cinematographer, competitive big mountain skier and all around mountain man. Cutting his teeth in the film world between shooting for Hollywood productions in Vancouver to producing, filming and editing his own ski films with Dendrite Studios, Athan is as well rounded of a cinematographer as it comes.